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Ron Brower

Ron Brower has been illustrating Toy Box Productions' award winning historical fiction and bible based children's books since 2006.

He has been an artist his entire life. Since he was a small child in Mississippi, he knew that he was put on this earth to be an artist, and he has spent most of his life perfecting the talents that God gave him. He won his first art contest when he was only 5 years old in a 5-12 year old age group, and under the tutelage of famed artist William Lester Hardmon, he illustrated his first book cover when he was 13 years old.

Ron has earned two degrees in art and has won five ADDY awards. His artwork has been on display at the Frist Center for the Visual Arts in Nashville, TN. and is hanging in many homes across the United States.

He has worked on many challenging projects. Using his metal sculpting and welding skills, Ron was one of 5 artists that built the 50' Olympian statue at Tennessee State University under the direction of Master Sculptor Dr. Jane Allen McKinney. Since its completion the statue has been dedicated a Tennessee State Monument. Ron was also the head illustrator on the "No Child Left Behind Project" for McGraw-Hill digital learning. Working with several artists across the United States, Ron assigned illustration projects and produced eye-catching children's book illustrations for the national educational system. He has also done freelance work for many design houses across middle Tennessee.

Ron is well versed in virtually all professional illustration styles and mediums, 3D animation and graphic design, and he uses this knowledge to bring a new dynamic to Toy Box Production's children's books.

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