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James Collins

James has been writing award winning children's books for Toy Box Productions since 2005. He has authored several of the historical fiction based Time Traveler's Adventure series children's books.

For a major part of his writing career, James has been involved in educational program development. One of his most notable projects was co-writing and producing an audio portion of "The Bill of Rights" which was nationally distributed to every school. James taught creative writing in the public schools for 5 years as an Artist-in-Education. He had his own writing business, producing brochures, commercials and other materials for new businesses. He also worked in advertising as a copywriter. He has been a cultural Arts Director, a member of the New York Dramatist Guild, worked in TV, and an educational director for several theaters. He also developed the content for the "Peace Movement," a non-violent school curriculum sponsored by Girbaud, used in North Carolina. With the success of this, James project manged the design, development and production of all supporting audio/visual materials.

The books James has written for Toy Box Productions are: Rosa Parks, The Trail of Tears, Teddy Roosevelt and Thomas Jefferson.

James also enjoys writing plays, songs and composing music, and he currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee.

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