Toy Box Productions Award Winning Children's Books & Free Online Children's Books - Toy Box Productions is committed to the creation of quality read-along children's books that build a child's fluency and comprehension.

Established 1995
Cheryl J. Hutchinson
Toy Box Productions is committed to the creation of quality read-along and audio-interactive storybooks for children, with creative illustrations, original songs, music & sound effects. They are exciting stories for education and entertainment, and they are geared toward children from 6 and up.
The Concept
Read Along and Read, Listen and Learn children's books are great activities for children that help to strengthen children's reading skills, memorization and timing coordination, and they are great for building a child's fluency and comprehension skills.
Each volume of our award winning children's books includes an interactive CD and an easy-to-read, fully illustrated book. Great for use during plane, train or car trips, in the home, churches and schools.
Time Traveler's Adventure Series
These adventure stories offer children an opportunity to learn about social and historical events as they become characters in the story and interact with interesting people. Farley's Raiders teach children to respect their environment and learn about history as they work together to solve the problems that they encounter. Traveling in Buffalo Biff's time machine introduces the Raiders to some very important and influential historical figures and events in American History. Your child actually becomes a part of history through their imagination. These children's books are fantastic historical fiction.
Bible Stories for Kids
An exciting way for children to learn about God and events from the Bible. Each volume includes an interactive CD with an easy to read, fully illustrated children's book. Children find the events easy to relate to, while the songs are fun and uplifting. These Biblical stories are happy, enlightening and told from the animals perspective, which children will enjoy participating in. Creative character voices, vivid sound effects and memorable music make the stories come alive! A great activity for children to help strengthen a child's fluency, comprehension, reading ability and faith.
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